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My Inner Art Curator

Many of you know I spent my professional life as an IT Project manager. Which was about managing the deliverables and budget. But 99% of the work was communication with people. You simply can't put a system together without talking to a lot of people.

Now that I'm retired from "the real world", many of you also know I've been active with the local arts scene. Not just as an artist but also a lot of work, you guessed it, communicating with people about art. Specifically, what can we do to Get The Word Out.

Recently I was honored to take the role of art curator for a special project with the Vail Valley Art Guild to provide original art and photography for the newly renovated Charter at Beaver Creek. Here is the Guild's news story:

We are conducting our first Artwalk on Dec 20 5-8pm. Includes free drinks and apps! Stop by to see how we've made a difference as part of their renovation.

But the real story is not the work or the results. The real story is in COMMUNICATION. Instead of building computer systems, I built an art gallery.

The same principles apply: Manage the budget, manage the artwork installation. But mostly get to know people. Understand their needs, what makes them tick. What are the points of confusion and frustration? What page is everyone on? From that perspective, I was on very familiar turf.

Next time you're in the area, stop by The Charter at Beaver Creek and enjoy our new gallery!

Works from the following artists and photographers are currently installed:

Allan Finney

Amy Dose

Beth Levine

Chris Sena

Elke Wells

Jennifer Hammond

Jessica Wright

Josh Stevenson

Neil and Caroline Stewart (Highline Wood Art)

Raj Manickam

Soodi Kick

Tara Novak

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