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A Hint of Spring (now showing at the St James Place in Beaver Creek CO)

A Hint of Spring (now showing at the St James Place in Beaver Creek CO)

Ink and mica on cradled stretched canvas with 3D texture and gold . As much as I love the Colorado mountain winters, it’s nice to feel hints of springtime, especially that warm sun.

A captivating blend of artistry and texture, reflecting the transition from the Colorado mountain winters to the hints of springtime warmth. The use of ink and mica creates a visually striking composition, while the addition of 3D texture and gold accents enhances the depth and richness of the artwork.

The color palette features cool, wintry blues and purples to capture the lingering traces of winter, while incorporating touches of vibrant greens, soft pinks, and gentle yellows to suggest the emergence of spring. The use of mica infuses the painting with a luminous quality, simulating the play of light on melting snow and budding foliage.

The 3D texture conveys the rugged topography of the Colorado mountains, with the peaks and valleys rendered in a tactile manner, inviting the viewer to engage with the physicality of the landscape. The addition of gold accents evokes the warm springtime sun, adding a touch of radiance and splendor to the scene.

This is my poetic celebration of the seasonal shift, capturing the interplay of winter's remnants and the burgeoning vitality of spring in the Colorado mountains. I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the delicate balance between the lingering chill of winter and the promise of rejuvenation that accompanies the arrival of spring.

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PriceFrom $4,500.00
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