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Shimmer Mountain Range

Shimmer Mountain Range

16x12x.5” Mica Ink and Acrylic on Canvas


"Shimmer Mountain Range" is a captivating portrayal of an awe-inspiring mountain landscape rendered with the ethereal brilliance of mica pigments. The artwork features a majestic mountain range, with each peak and ridge shimmering with iridescence, creating a mesmerizing play of light and color.


The use of mica pigments infuse the painting with a luminous quality, evoking a sense of magic and grandeur. I blended the pigments to depict the rugged, snow-capped peaks and the undulating valleys, with the shimmery effect bringing the entire composition to life. As light interacts with the mica, the mountains would seem to glisten and shift in hue, creating a sense of depth and movement.


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  • Frame and Mat

    Because this piece is on the smaller side at 16x12", you may want to consider adding my custom frame and mat.  If you select the frame only, it is a 1.5" floater frame which can be painted or stained.  If you select the frame and mat, the frame is a standart 1" frame with a really cool white high luster wood as the "mat".

PriceFrom $300.00
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