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Unsettled Weather

Unsettled Weather

18x12x.5” Mica and Ink on archival board. This ink and mica painting is on archival board. It depicts unsettled weather over the Colorado mountains. This is my way of portraying the ever-changing atmospheric drama that unfolds in the mountainous landscape. The use of ink and mica lends a compelling visual and textural dimension to the artwork, capturing the essence of the unsettled weather and the rugged grandeur of the Colorado mountains.

The color palette includes deep, moody blues and greys to convey the looming presence of the unsettled weather, with hints of shimmering mica adding an ethereal quality to the depiction of storm clouds and atmospheric turbulence. The use of ink further amplifies the sense of movement and dynamism, creating a visually arresting representation of the shifting skies and the imposing mountains.

The painting conveys a palpable sense of atmosphere, with layers of ink and mica lending depth and intensity to the depiction of turbulent weather patterns. The interplay of light and shadow would be central to the composition, with the mica particles subtly reflecting and refracting light to convey the atmospheric conditions over the mountains.

The overall effect is one of awe-inspiring majesty and untamed beauty, with the artwork inviting viewers to contemplate the raw power and evocative allure of the Colorado mountains amid unsettled weather.

This painting serves as a captivating testament to the wild and untamed spirit of the mountainous terrain, capturing the transcendental beauty and imposing presence of the Colorado mountains in the face of unsettled weather.

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