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30”x20”x2” ink, mica, and acrylic on archival board

The Grand Traverse is a most delightful and rugged mountain just outside Vail, Colorado. On a windy day, it can be quite windswept. The rugged peak is depicted with the evocative force of nature. I captured the essence of the mountainous terrain, portraying the sweeping winds that shape the land. The color palette includes earthy tones to convey the natural landscape, with the addition of hints of blues, greys, and whites to depict the atmospheric effects of the winds.

The scene depicts the mountain shrouded in mist or partly obscured by swirling snow, evoking a sense of movement and dynamism. The use of texture and layering is used to convey the sense of wind carving through the ridges and valleys, creating a visual representation of the mountain's enduring resilience in the face of nature's forces.

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Windswept Grand Traverse Vail CO

PriceFrom $1,200.00
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